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Seaside Summertime Special is a celebration of the traditional 'End of the Pier ' variety show which we all have memories of, many of us from our childhood when a trip to the seaside was not complete without seeing the variety show on the pier. In its heyday, there were many of these shows around the country at seaside resorts far and wide. There are very few resident summer season shows now, so we are going out on the road to bring the show to you. We have everything you would expect, singers, family friendly comedy, magic and mirth and of course dancers. The unique innovative choreography from Jammy Creative Studios, breathing new life into songs, old and new, whilst maintaining the traditional experience is a real sight to be seen. With stunning bespoke costumes and the traditional  Showgirls in feathers Finale, it will take your breath away. Our incredible singers bring their years of experience to the show, having performed in musicals, production shows and concerts all over the world.  Add to this a family friendly comedian, magic that will amaze you and of course a seaside theme which you are encouraged to singalong with, you are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face after your trip down memory lane.

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